I’ve invented new words
For the work that we’ve done together

Painful neologisms
Carved in your warm flesh
Scrawled in your torn flesh

Read deep into my nonsense
And I hope you fucking choke
On all it doesn’t say

My voice has become toxic
Weaponized vowels
Acid gibberish

Snake, you coil in my home
And among my clothes
I’ve done all that I can
To drive you away
This is the last resort
Of a cornered animal

I know it’s wrong
Like fists full of barbed wire
I know it’s wrong
Like nightstick abortions

But I must vent this poison
Before it kills me

This is not justice
But that doesn’t make a bit of difference to me
Blood will always out
And you deserve the worst


from An Excellent Servant But a Terrible Master, released February 7, 2011



all rights reserved


Pyrrhon New York, New York

"Outré as they get, everything Pyrrhon do emanates from an obsidian death metal core - just that this music is that much more expressive, its impact that much more disquieting than almost anything else in the genre."


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