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Growth Without End

by Pyrrhon

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    releases 01 June 2015

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Viral Content
Turing's Revenge


“Always keep growing and changing. Never stop spreading”

Cryptic lyrics that end the first song on the new EP by New York experimental death metal band Pyrrhon. Fitting words for a band that constantly strives to challenge the status quo of death metal and extreme metal in general, and Growth Without End finds the band at their most caustic and most experimental.

This EP is a mind trip. Bouts of punishing death, super-evil noise rock, twisted math, chaotic and menacing grind. It’s kind of like if Daughters, Brutal Truth, Merzbow and Autopsy got together and wrote five insane, catchy-by-reverse-psychology songs, and then promised to never speak of them again.

As usual, vocalist Doug Moore brings a wildly varied palate of screams, growls, grunts, howls, barks and spoken power to his ominous, thought-provoking and voyeuristic lyrics that navigate the miasma of sonic insanity the band lays down. It’s clear each member in the band is a virtuoso – skills used not to show off, but to engulf the listener with emotion, power, tasty chaos and passages that will get inside of you, possess you, and bring cathartic, ‘hell yes!’ pleasure and pain to all your musical glands.

It’s hard to tell if the pleading, tortured words spit by singer Moore at the end of the EP’s first song – “never stop spreading” – are a warning, a veiled threat, or angry life advice, but based on the ferocity and conviction of the music and vocals, it’s probably best not to assume anything. Just listen, and get lost…in a perfect world, Growth Without End is the future of extreme metal.


releases 01 June 2015



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Pyrrhon New York, New York

"Outré as they get, everything Pyrrhon do emanates from an obsidian death metal core - just that this music is that much more expressive, its impact that much more disquieting than almost anything else in the genre."


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Track Name: Cancer Mantra
They will carve you with steel
And scorch you with acid
But it’s not in your nature to die

And though you spring from their flesh
They’ll curdle your blood with unseen energies
But it’s not in your nature to die

Always keep growing and changing
Never stop spreading
Track Name: The Mass
You were a child when you first felt it
The mass hiding inside you
Its silent, fibrous bulk within
Pressing itself into delicate tissues

And so you bore its weight

Your bones twisted around it
You ate until you retched
It grew harder to breathe
The string in your back frayed
You put a good face on it
Fear cradled your soul in its palm
In the hours that bracket sleep

The doctors couldn’t find the mass
Their machines turned up nothing
But you knew it was there
You could feel it shifting

And so you gathered yourself each day
And carried the mass in silence

The anchor inside the quiet stoic
The spindle of strength that guides the unwinding
The heart of your truest self

The mass will abide inside you always
And will sink you by heartbeats in the end